Shared Care Agreement Definition

Shared care agreement refers to a collaborative partnership between healthcare providers and patients, aimed at achieving optimal outcomes in terms of health and wellness. These agreements are usually created for patients dealing with chronic or complex medical conditions that require ongoing care and management. In a shared care agreement, all involved parties work together to develop a care plan that outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party, the treatment goals and objectives, and how they will be achieved.

The shared care agreement is typically initiated by the patient`s primary care provider who identifies the need for ongoing care and management beyond their scope of practice. The primary care provider may then enlist the support of a specialist, such as a cardiologist, endocrinologist, or oncologist, to provide expert care and advice. Together, the primary care provider, specialist, and patient work to create a shared care agreement that outlines the treatment plan, the patient`s expectations, and the healthcare providers` roles and responsibilities.

The shared care agreement is an essential tool for managing the patient`s chronic or complex medical condition, as it ensures that all healthcare providers involved are working towards the same goals. The agreement also helps to minimize the risk of miscommunication between the patient and their healthcare providers. It can also ensure that there is consistency in the care provided across all healthcare settings.

The shared care agreement typically includes a detailed plan of care which outlines the patient`s medical history, current medications, and any other relevant information that will aid in their management. It may also include details on the frequency and type of follow-up appointments needed, and who will be responsible for arranging them. Additionally, the shared care agreement may specify how the patient`s progress will be monitored and evaluated, and any action that may need to be taken in response to changes in their health status.

In conclusion, a shared care agreement is an essential component in the management of chronic and complex medical conditions. It ensures that all healthcare providers involved in the patient`s care work together seamlessly towards the same objectives. Patients and healthcare providers must work together to develop a shared care agreement that meets their unique needs, taking into account the complexity of their medical condition, their personal preferences, and their lifestyle. The result is a personalized care plan that provides the best possible outcomes for the patient`s health and wellbeing.

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